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Curby's Lawn Care

Summer Schedule!

It’s almost May again, and that means we will be coming by to mow every week.  If the extremely hot and dry weather continues we may still skip your lawn, depending on how distressed it looks.  It’s worse for the lawn to drive 800 lbs of mower over it than to let it go an extra week.  It’s also very important to keep an eye on your yard this time of year, Floratam grass does not go dormant in hot dry weather, it goes DEAD!


Spring is here, and with it mating season for snakes.  You may see a lot more about this time of year, we saw a large Rattlesnake right outside our pool cage yesterday.  It was very aggressive and did not want to go away.  Stay Alert!

Cool Pic

Taken from my front yard.

Check For Leaks

This is a great time of year to notice obvious leaks in the ground, and when I notice one, I let the customer know.  Unfortunately for some of you, i’m not working for you yet!  Regardless, they may be present.  If there is a place in your lawn or landscaping that is always wet, you have a leak.  Left alone, leaks can do more than cost you money.  They leave the area constantly wet, begging for fungus.  Further, when walked through or driven over by a mower, they can leave unsightly muddy areas in your lawn.  If you have been telling yourself the neighbor is over watering or have come up with some other excuse for that wet spot, STOP! ITS A LEAK!

Dry Weather

In SWFL, your FloraTam lawn may go slightly yellowish in the coldest months and that’s perfectly normal.  Just keep in mind,  unlike northern lawns, if it’s brown, it’s dead!  Keep a close watch on your lawn’s water needs this time of year but don’t over water either!

November 2022