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Summer Schedule!

Summer Schedule!

It’s almost May again, and that means we will be coming by to mow every week.  If the extremely hot and dry weather continues we may still skip your lawn, depending on how distressed it looks.  It’s worse for the lawn to drive 800 lbs of mower over it than to let it go an extra week.  It’s also very important to keep an eye on your yard this time of year, Floratam grass does not go dormant in hot dry weather, it goes DEAD!

4 Responses to “Summer Schedule!”

  • Eric says:

    is that true? I always thought that Floratam is the best drought-resistant grass you could have in Florida.

    • Ryan says:

      My point was that once floratam is brown, it’s not dormant it’s dead.

      • eric says:

        well, it is my understanding that it depends on where you live on dormancy. Floratam does go dormant in the winter, but it depends on the temperature outside which doesn’t apply to South Florida but would to points further north where it gets colder. I agree that brown grass in May is an issue.

  • Ryan says:

    I’m not really sure what your point is. Like I said originally floratam doesn’t go dormant in may. It has to be really cold to actually go dormant and that doesn’t happen in Punta Gorda. If you have brown floratam here, it’s dead. The surrounding areas may creep back in and fill the dead spot but, again, brown floratam in Punta Gorda is dead floratam.

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